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The Objectives

Our objectives are best reflected in our role to :

  • carry out development activities in the urban and rural areas
  • carry out projects in agriculture, property and manufacturing
  • participate in joint-ventures with corporate or individual clients in their activities
  • act as agent to the State Governments, local authorities, companies / corporate entities or individuals in related activities
  • carry out investments

Operational Management :

  • JSIEDC has an investment in two wholly owned subsidiaries i.e Perisind Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and Insist Amilat Sdn. Bhd.
  • Beside the investment in the subsidiary companies, JSIEDC'S investments are confined to short-term investments with the local financial institutions;
  • Preferences for the investments, however, are made with the financial institutions engaging with the Islamic Banking System. This is to foster the morale and enhance the development of the Islamic Banking System in Malaysia
  • All projects in respect of the property development are delegated and implemented by Perisind Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and Groups. Our programmes and implementations are worked out with the close cooperation with the State Islamic Religious Council