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The Role And Functions of
Perisind Holdings Sdn Bhd (PHSB)

Towards achieving commercial success in order to generate sufficient funds for the social role of JSIEDC .

Hence, PHSB will strive and is committed to:

  1. Focus its effort and resources on high growth and profitable economic and commercial activities and opportunities;
  2. organise itself structurally to operate and compete more effectively and efficiently;
  3. manage itself more proactively and professionally;
  4. instill organisational attributes that is market and result driven; and
  5. incorporate its founding business purpose and Islamic values in every aspect of management.
At the same time, the corporate objective of PHSB are;

  1. To be recognised as one of the major players in its core commercial activities especially property and land development, manufacturing and plantation/agriculture;
  2. To provide a rewarding and challenging workplace for its employees in order to retain and attract quality, performance driven and motivated workforce;
  3. To be financially independent, profitable and optimising shareholders value; and
  4. To continuosly strive for organisational effectiveness and efficiency to meet challenging demands and changing market conditions.